You want it? We can get it!

Elbow Creek Hay & Feed started out as a crazy idea to market the hay that was produced on our farm. The inspiration came for the feed store from one of our hay customers that was having to come to us for her hay, another feed store for one type of feed and another big box store for another type of feed she was looking for. We thought why don't we open a store that's a one stop shop so customers would not have to go all over town to find what they needed. When we opened we thought we would sell our hay and maybe a little feed.

We added Golden Oak, Bluebonnet and Red Chain as the first feed lines we would carry. We wanted to focus on Texas and Oklahoma feed mills that supported local economies. We made the decision to build the store out at our farm so that people could see where the hay produced came from.

Boy did I underestimate this adventure!

We started out with a feed room and a showroom for animal health supplies. After the first couple of months we out grew the feed room and had to invade the equipment barn. The decision was made to build a feed warehouse and use the existing feed room as retail space.

We decided to offer a delivery service of hay and feed to our customers. This has been a great benefit to our customer because once they get home their hay and feed is stacked in their barn.

Our oldest daughter started showing livestock and at that point we saw that there were not many places in our area to buy show feed and supplies. The closest place was over 100 miles from us. At that point we added Moorman's, Lindner, Jacoby and Hi-Pro to our feed line up and Sullivan Supply & Weaver to carry show supplies. This year we became Oxy-Gen, Vitafirm & Premiere Nutrition dealers for supplements.

Pet food and supplies have become a huge part of the store! We are a dealer for Victor Dog food! We have people that drive from all around to get this superior dog food that is made in Texas!

Non-GMO feed for animals is a large market that we are very proud to be a part of. We sell Hugelland & Texas Naturals which are both Texas feed mills.

We started Elbow Creek Farmers Market as an outreach to bring our local producers and consumers looking for fresh produce together.

We have the farmers market in the summer months and during the rest of the year we have local honey, canned goods and granola at the store.

Our priority is customer service!! We work very hard to make sure that our customers are not just our customers they are our friends.

One of our slogans is "If you want it Elbow Creek can track it down!" We really enjoy the challenge of trying to find just what our customers need.